Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue

Cat Lady stopped by to see me this week- she got to see my human last weekend but said it wasn't complete since I didn't get to go to- but with all the cats around we didn't want to make them nervous with me around- a big black dog! WOOF!!!  
Great to see Cat Lady from PetConnect Rescue. She has brought "Jinx" for me to introduce to you for a Forever Home.  

Credit: PetConnect Rescue

What a cool looking cat!  WOOF!! The mix of colors creates an exotic looking beauty to her, she has pretty dilute tortoiseshell markings with a little nub of a tail that is about two inches long!!  Hadn't seen a cat like this- pawsome!

Jinx's super soft fur makes her a "softie" to pet and a youngster having been born in June 2013.  She is a bob-tailed little cutie who is friendly and outgoing. She likes humans and usually hangs around with the occasional climb into their laps!

She is healthy cat, up to date with vaccinations, always uses her litter box, and gets along well with the other cats and dog in her foster home.

For more information, please visit PetConnect Rescue's Adoption page. Please fill out the online application. They will be in touch.

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