Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2nd Annual Christmas Gifts Festival - Cori Solomon

"Spirit Cat Art - Pastel Drawing"
Used by Permission
"Golden Christmas Delights
Golden Retriever"

Used by Permission
WOOF!!!! My next artist for this year's Christmas Gifts Festival is Cori Solomon- I am barkingly pleased to welcome her back this year too!!

Cori Solomon’s interest in dogs began in the mid 1980s with the purchase of two Salukis. These dogs introduced Cori to the world of showing and lure coursing. Having been an art major but putting her creative side on hold, Cori’s Salukis encouraged her reconnection with her artistic side. Cori’s Salukis continue to be her inspiration as she watches their antics.

The death of Cori’s sister in 2001 opened the door to more creativity when she discovered that her breakthrough in artistic expression and experimentation was through animals. This event also brought cats into Cori’s life, as she chose to care for her sister’s cats.
"Dreideler Boston Terrier"
Used by Permission

Cori creates her animal artwork known as Cori’s Pawtraits in pastels, acrylics or Monotypes. A Monotype is a form of printmaking whereby an original inked or painted image is transferred from a plate onto paper. Each print is a unique work and is not repeated. This medium enabled Cori to become more fluid and loose. Employing brighter colors in these works has also added a new dimension to Cori’s art. With pastel Cori’s artwork has a soft and poetic quality.
Cori captures the spirit and emotion of each animal or pet through their eyes. Every pair of eyes tells a story and like a writer it is Cori’s job to find that story by looking beyond to find the heart and soul of each pet.
"Head to Head Horse Art Mouse Pad"
Used by Permission

One of Cori’s mottos is less can be more. Let the observer visualize their own interpretation, thereby creating the image and story. This is accomplished through many styles, whether it is realism or abstraction.

Cori is an award winning animal artist donating a percentage of her proceeds from art sales to various animal charities and rescues.

Besides her original artwork Cori has a line of note cards, gift tags, note pads, magnets, prints, mouse pads, glass cutting boards, and tile coasters. These products can make fantastic holiday gifts or Christmas stocking stuffers and can be seen in Cori’s Etsy Shop called Terikor.

To view more of Cori’s artwork visit Coris Pawtraits or Terikor.

More of her work..................  
"Cyrus Greyhound Mouse Pad"
Used by Permission
"Milly Calico Cat"
Used by Permission
"Onslow Basset Hound"
Used by Permission

"Meowy Catmas Tabby Cat Print"
Used by Permission

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