Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tax Deductible Year-End Giving 2014 - Giving and Giving some more-

WOOF!! What a barktastic year it’s been- ! I’ve written my thoughts and shared them- I’ve had guest bloggers visit and share and I’ve introduced you to many dogs and cats friends needing “Forever Homes” through my “Friday’s Friend” column and my articles
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on Pets Magazine and Dog Culture. My human added to the fun by photographing for several rescue organizations too- he donates his work to them to help the animals find a “Forever Home.”

And, I've made many friends this year through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
This time of year always gets me to thinking about giving. I’ll give gifts to my humans (not the kind you might be thinking) and they give me cool stuff too- and, I’m sure you and your family do the same in many different way. How about taking it further. What about sharing financially?

Throughout the last several years, my human and I have been blessed to see many volunteers working very hard to find homes for dogs and cats all over our area and even into New York. I am amazed at the talents humans dedicating so much time and work to help the animal with some of them working nearly 24/7! And, being a dog that a kind heart rescued and got me to these wonderful crazy loving humans that I call mom and dad, I am extremely thankful.

Along with volunteer assistance, these groups can use your financial support too or a donation of goods from the list on their website. A monthly gift is great. An end of the year gift is great. Whatever you can do is barkingly great.

While there are many rescues and shelters you could support with year-end giving, I would like to suggest the following as they are ones we have worked with through photography and blogging:

These groups are not listed in any order, just alpha or close to it.  We are suggesting these groups for donations as we've worked with them and it's been a pleasure.  We are not affiliated or employed by any group and do not benefit from your donation in any way, shape or form. 

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