Saturday, December 7, 2013

2nd Annual Christmas Gifts Festival - Roxy Doggie Necklace

My next artist for the 2nd Annual Christmas Gifts Festival is Roxy Dog Necklace.  Check her work out- great idea for gifts-

I love to do beadwork and create jewelry. The idea for the Roxy doggie necklace came from making bracelets just like these. Every dog needs something cute and original, and these are perfect. The Roxy doggie necklace can be custom ordered in any color, and there is a large variety of patterns, or make up your own pattern. Lots of people love having a bracelet made for themselves, and a matching dog necklace for their best friend. And buy no means are these just for the girls. I have made bracelets and dog necklaces for boys too. For more info visit Roxy The Traveling Dog Boutique.

"Beaded Jackets"
Used by Permission
Also, I create custom ordered beaded buckskin jackets. The jacket can be made to fit your dog, with custom beadwork done on the back. A huge variety of colors are available and I will work with you to come up with a beadwork idea you will love.  Roxy The Traveling Dog Boutique, Beaded Leather Dog Jackets.

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