Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How To Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

For many couples, their dogs play an important part in their lives. In the case of one blind couple, it was their Seeing Eye dogs that brought them together in the first place, making them critical in the ceremony. Although everybody’s story might not be as dramatic as this, it is still important for animal lovers to find the best way to include your dog. Here are a few of the best ways to make sure your furry friend is in the midst of the action.

From the Start
Use your best friend to pop the question. Make it something simple, yet a memory she won’t ever forget. There are new ideas and creative ways to pop the question yet to be discovered. This is easy to do because it won’t require extra training of your dog, and can be inexpensive.

Have your dog bring your soon to be fiancé a rose, or tie a sign around their neck that says something sweet, or even just writing out the question. This works best for dogs that have calmer personalities or have a chance to wear out their energy beforehand.

The Venue
While planning for your special day, there are hundreds of things to consider. Everything from the decorations to the budget needs to be carefully analyzed to make it perfect. When choosing a wedding venue, don’t forget about your pooch. There are quite a few places that have a strict no dog policies.

Sometimes backyard weddings are the best at accommodating dogs for your event. Search for a tent event rental company to give an elegant feel to your outdoor wedding. You can also rent chairs, decorations, and a number of other things.

Include Them in the Party
Your wedding party includes your closest friends and relatives; shouldn’t it include your dog as well? Attach your wedding colors to your dog’s collar, whether this is flowers, pearls, or a number of other things. Make sure that it stands out, including your dog.

Look into getting a bowtie for your buddy. They come in different sizes and colors for dogs. If he is calm enough, you can keep him in your line with this attire. Before the actual day of the ceremony, test your dog out with these types of situations. Bring him or her around a large group of people they aren't familiar with and see how they react. This could help you avoid a disastrous situation on your big day.

Give Them a Role
One of the most common things for dogs to do during wedding ceremonies is participate as the ring bearer. This can be an adorable and fun way to include your pooch. This is something that will take an immense amount of practice and training beforehand. Make sure your dog is up to walking your rings down the aisle.

Include your dog with the flower girl. She doesn’t have to be throwing flowers everywhere, but can simply walk down the aisle alongside your human flower girl with a leash decked out in flowers. Make sure your dog is calm enough for her to handle.

There are many different ways your dog can be included in your wedding day. With the right training and planning beforehand, you can make this the best day ever. Start early finding the right venue, and teaching your dog to remain calm in these stressful situations.

About the Author:  Cassie Costner  writes for All Out Tent & Event Rental on finding the right wedding venue for your wedding. As an avid dog lover, she also writes on training your pets, safely boarding your pet on vacation, and the best dog parks.

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