Thursday, July 3, 2014

Noah's Houndism's - July 4th for Dogs

The Fourth of July is coming up Friday! I’m pawing a few reminders for you concerning taking care of your dog.

First paw, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and playtime earlier in the day. Be prepared for those “surprise firecrackers” that go off in the day by not letting your dog off leash, even if it’s a prior practice, in an unclosed or unfenced location. 

Second paw, though you might enjoy the fireworks- we don’t! It’s too noisy, too many strange lights and too many strange people- please leave us dogs at home. We can curl up in our crates or special places where we feel secure and be happy. Or better yet, stay home and feed us our favorite treats along with water and we’ll all be happy! 

Third paw, on the days leading up to the 4th, on the day, and a few days after, be careful about allowing your dog out in the backyard without supervision. Some dogs have been frightened by the noises of fireworks, especially firecrackers, set off before the big day and have run off in fear.

Fourth paw, make certain your dogs tags and/or microchip are up to date- so if an escape does happen, he can easily be found.

Fifth paw, play some music loud in the safe areas where your dog might go. My human will watch some TV or will play music in his studio louder than usual to distract me. For me, being on my pillow or in my crate near my humans keeps me settled.

Sixth paw, though my human and I tend to lean towards the holistic, practical or non-medication route in my care, if your dog suffers too much anxiety during firework shows, you should discuss this with your veterinarian as further steps than I pawed might be necessary. There are products like music, shirts and some herb products you can use to keep your dog calm.

Seventh Paw, I really don’t want to admit this one because I LOVE to eat, all dog treats, dog food, food off my human’s plate though he does his best to stop me!! WOOF! Picnic food and party dishes can be dangerous for your dog! Food is bound to be dropped and some everyday human food is unhealthy or even poisonous to your dog. Onions, grapes, and alcohol can actually be deadly! Fatty foods can cause your dog to become very ill. Bones, corn cobs and wooden barbecue skewers can traumatize your dog’s GI tract or even cause an obstruction. It’s best to keep your dog away from the party when people are eating.

And Pawingly, I think it’s wise for you, the human, to take appropriate action. Gather the best of the best treats that your great pup dog loves, fresh water, a pillow, his bankie, turn on some music or a TV show (with no fireworks) and spend the evening together- with you spoiling your pup!

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