Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday's Friend, Dog Adoption, Operation Paws for Homes

I'm am pawed to introduce a special pup to you who is looking for his special place in this world with a pawsome human and a barkingly cool "Forever Home!"

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
Some of you might remember the 11th hour Christmas pups save done by the pawtastic volunteers at Operation Paws for Homes- Timberlake was one of the 6!
Please meet Timberlake, a happy lovable guy ready for dog adoption!

A handsome young pup, Timberlake is what humans like to call a "Heinz 57" dog- a mix of several breeds- often the best dogs to hang out with!  WOOF!!  I should know!  He is a happy boy that likes to shows it with a big toothy grin that makes you laugh out loud!

Timberlake's family had to make a heartbreaking decision after months of working with him, exhausting training avenues and long discussions with a Veterinarian- to return him to Operation Paws for Homes to find him a new "Forever Home!"

Timberlake struggled with the daily issues of being a pup and growing with an active Toddler and developed some mild anxiety issues that could not be overcome with a baby in the house. 

So I chatted with Timberlake and learned that he has a few requests he'd like to note in looking for a new "Forever Home."  While he is a cool pup, he mentioned these points to me:

1. While he loves mini-humans, the older mini-humans (ages 10 and up) are a
     better for him and his pawsome lively personality (he loves to give kisses).
2. He would like a home with a nice back yard where he can run around and 

3. A sibling dog, cat or even a ferret is fine with him!

4. He enjoys walks, hikes and loves to be outdoors.

5. The "Forever Home" doesn't have to be a "quiet" but he prefers a more calm
 easy environment than a loud and rowdy environment!

Timberlake is almost 9 months old, is housebroken but does have some submissive peeing issues which in time and with patience can be overcome. He just needs to gain a little more confidence in himself. He likes his crate as his quiet sleeping place or his cave when the world gets to be overwhelming.

Timberlake is weighs around 25 lbs and is up to date on all his vaccines, Flea/Tick preventative as well as Heartworm Preventative. 

If you would like to meet Timberlake and learn about dog adoption, please visit Operation Paws for Homes

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