Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, A Forever Home Rescue

Happy Friday- after such a stormy week, I'm hoping we'll have some nice weather so I can run around with my humans all weekend long!!!

Do you have a buddy to spend the weekend with?  If not, I'd like to introduce you to a new friend, her name is Amelia and is from A Forever Home Rescue. She will be celebrating her 3rd birthday at the end of August and is hoping to find a human companion and a "Forever Home" by then!

Credit: A Forever Home Rescue
Amelia is a very sweet 11 lb Chihuahua, with the typical Chihuahua personality! She is an absolute sweet girl who loves to play and enjoy life! And what a cuddler, she will sneak into your lap before you know it!  WOOF!!

Amelia is a pretty quiet girl usually only barking a little when hearing or seeing something new. She is learning some basic commands.

Since she still gets a little nervous, she would probably do best in a house that is usually quiet. Amelia has been around little humans and other dogs.  She doesn't growl or bite at them. When things get to be too much, she lays in her crate and stays out of the chaos.

Unfortunately, Amelia spent most of the first years of life in a crate without any playtime or snuggle time!

Since she spent so much of her early life in a crate, her legs didn't quite develop properly and her knees can pop out of her sockets.  Though this doesn't happen frequently, they usually pop right back in on it's own or with some slight guidance.  Her vet says it's not painful nor would it require an operation or lead to larger issues down the road.

Also, Amelia has a slight heart-murmur, but her vet said it does not appear to be severe enough that it would need surgery, especially since Amelia is such a calm dog.

With the few health problems she's had, Amelia has learned to adapt and conquer! WOOF!!  She has a little hard time walking on hardwood floors but is getting better at it.  She is still a little skiddish around loud noises or something that startles her but she's not aggressive about it.  She calms down when her humans say "It's Okay!"

Amelia is housebroken and sleeps in her crate though her foster human leave the door open so she can come in and out as she pleases.  She sleeps the night in her crate!

If you would like to learn more about dog adoption or meet Amelia, please visit,
A Forever Home- Available Dogs!

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