Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday's Friend: Cat Adoption, PetConnect Rescue

Credit: PetConnect Rescue

 I caught up with my friend "Cat Lady" at PetConnect Rescue who has a really cool black and white kitty for you who was discovered by a Good Samaritan who was concerned about her safety- barkingly great!!! WOOF!!!!

I'd like to introduce a pawsome cat named Daisy!  At around 3 lbs., she is a sweet, very friendly and is around 6-7 months old.  She needs to gain a few pounds while enjoying the safety, love and food in her foster home.

She is gaining strength and put on some weight so  Daisy will soon be ready for her "Forever Home."

Dogs?  Daisy lives with one and gets along well and has not met a person she doesn't like!!

Daisy will be spayed before she is adopted.

Interested in cat adoption and meeting
Daisy?  Please visit PetConnect Rescue, complete their online application and an Adoption Coordinator will contact you. Adoption procedures, fees, and applications may be viewed by clicking here.

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