Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

Love is a many splendid thing- it isn't easy to place it in description, in a box, or even a few words.  For love is shown to me, everyday, by my humans, by my readers, and by my human's friends.

I am pawsitively one blessed puppy-dog!  I am loved by my humans and I love them. They take great care of me by providing a place to live, food, treats, clean water, exercise, a comfortable dog bed everywhere my humans works or rests so we can hang out together -as one family. I get to travel and explore places with my humans, even have my own travel crates and dog bed.  I am loved.

And I love them.  I exercise my human daily by taking him for really long walks.  I push him to go further by wanting to go out and hang out with him as long as we can- sometimes I divert to a different route so he doesn't get bored which ends up making our walk longer.  At the end, he might be tired but I am always happy to hear him say "oh wow! I walked 3 miles today!" WOOF!!!!

I keep my humans safe by maintaining security around the house and property.  I rid the yard of pesky annoying squirrels and other silly varmints. Sometimes the pesky salesman too!

Mom says I provide lovin's and smiles and happiness at times when they've needed it most.  That means much to me! Bark.  

Even if we never did these things for each other- our love is what it is a bond of pure and simple love!  BARKS!!!!!

To my readers, I love writing, pawing, barking, woofing, and sharing facts and humor and stories which make our lives so much fun!  BARK!!

May you have a barkingly pawsome Valentines Day with your humans!


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