Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Year's Resolutions - the Gym and Working Out

"Water Aerobics"
(C) OakleyOriginals, Flickr Creative Commons

I know we are into the 2nd month of 2017, but I think the first few months of a new year are so pawhilarious!  WOOF!!! Barks! All of these humans running to sign up at the gym.  They are going to exercise, run, swim- Deep Water Aerobics as is the case with my human- lift weights, meet with personal trainers and go on diets!

It is too much fun to watch them put on the embarrassing exercise garb and begin doing their chosen workouts.  Within 5 minutes, they look like they've been beat up by someone bigger than them or gone through a training created for someone working toward the Olympics!  WOOFs!!!  Barks, by February or soon after, the plans are dropped- arf.  

All of that, when they have the most pawsome pawfect exercise trainer in their own home- us dogs!

Used by Permission, GraphicStock
Taking us for a walk reduces stress, can help humans loose weight and pawsitively helps with overall feeling good!  After all, we dogs are pawfect, WOOF!!!!!

My human made a New Year's Revelation to attend Deep Water Aerobics two days a week and walk me every day of the year with minimal exception as can be.  Bark!  I'm glad he added that last part because when it's snowy, icy, or the Polaroid Vortex comes through, we tend to curl up in front of the fireplace instead- for that I am pawsitively grateful!  WOOF!!

So what exercising are you planning to do this year?  Do you have any goals or are you just going for it?   Please share with me in the comments below! 

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Adam said...

I'm resolving to take my pups for a walk every morning.

Unfortunately I've fallen into the habit of letting them out in the yard and that's that.

A nice walk makes them happy and is good for me!