Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dog Collars and Micro-Chip

Used by Permission, GraphicStock

An adopter from Operation Paws for Homes had an incident happen in Maryland that the rescue would like to share.  The intent is a reminder as to why collars and microchips are important and why you ALWAYS keep them up to date.  Here's the story!

"Miss Ashley" shares, "We had a call from a MD shelter yesterday about one of dogs being brought in. The adopter hadn't changed the micro chip information, so Operation Paws for Homes was still on file. The adopter had the dog out with them on errands and the window was down just a little bit. The dog got out of his collar and jumped out the window. If it wasn't for the micro chip, the dog wouldn't have been returned back to the owner as quickly as he didn't have his collar on with the tags. The owner has since changed over the chip information to them."

Contact your Veterinarian about microchipping your pet!

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