Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Best Ways to Feed Your Dog Remotely

When it comes to the nutrition and health of their dogs, most dog owners don't take this nonchalantly. They have developed special bonds with their dogs, and they love and care for their dogs to feed them healthily. However, feeding your dog is no easy feat as your dog doesn't move with you everywhere you go. As a person with a very tight and busy schedule, it might be very difficult to follow the feeding schedule or feed your dog effectively as situations may arise when you need to be away from home for two or more days. If you are a dog owner and you might be away from home for some time, you need an effective method to feed your dog remotely. Most dog owners who travel a lot feed their dogs automatically and remotely using automated dog feeder. With this equipment, you can make sure that your dog gets fed at the appropriate time and you can keep track and control what your pet are eating, even when you are not at home.

In most civilized countries, using an automated dog feeder has become increasingly popular. Nowadays, it is possible to rationalize the feed of your dog when you're away with the aid of a device called ‘Pintofeed’. This device helps in supplying food to your dog when you're away after the device has been synchronized with your smartphone. With your phone, you can control the diet of your dog and feed your dog in the right proportion with the help of Pintofeed. It also notifies you and gives you a detailed and analytic description of the feed when your dog has been fed. This is just an example of automatic feeding. This and other systems is not as efficient as remote feeding, as the device doesn't replace that bond that the owner has with his/her pet. Remote pet feeding is not really easy. The owner frets over the amount of feed, the most comfortable collarbone, and other things. However, using an automated feeder still make feeding easy.

Free Feeding is also a common method of feeding dogs. They fill a bowl with surplus feed and leave it for their dog to consume without appropriation. This suits dry feed as it does not spoil like wet feeds. People with tight work schedule do not have to worry about getting home on time. There is enough feed to feed the dog for a day or two. In a situation where there are multiple pets, it isn't suitable as bullying may take place, keeping some dogs well fed while others deprived of feed.

Another dog feeding method is scheduled or proportional feeding. This applies to people with a fairly predictable schedule, portion controlled feeding suits this kind of dog owners. It makes your dog healthier as its foods are rationalized and the right proportion of feed in the right quantity. There are various methods for Scheduled feeding, feeds can be served to a dog in a bowl and taken away after a period of time to allow the dog to freely eat his ration. This method is very stressful as the owner has got to feed the dog plenty times in a day.

However, the best way to feed your dog remotely is through an automated dog feeder. If you are not sure on how to go about remote feeding, you should consult with your veterinary doctor to give you a suitable advice. You should get answers on several methods of feeding dogs and various tips to improve and sustain its good health.

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