Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Traveling with Your Dog and GoPetFriendly!

"Horseshoe Curve and Norfolk Southern"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
My humans and I love traveling together- we always have a barkingly good time!  Dad always says "it is so much easier to take me with them than leaving me at home as he misses me too much when I don't get to go with him."  BARKS!   although, don't tell dad, but spending time with my uncles is pawsitively marvelous!  arf.

When my human begins his travel planning, the pawsitively first thing he does is visit - GoPetFriendly! to find a hotel which will allow large dogs like me!  WOOF!!! By booking our reservation through, Dad and Mom can travel without worrying whether the hotel will really allow me in the room upon arrival.

No exception this time- when we prepared to visit the  Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark in Altoona, PA.

While I might not be able to go into museums or shows or whatever it is they go see, I love being with them. I will cuddle with my human in the early mornings and Dad takes me for a walk before he leaves for an activity and tries not to be gone the entire day. When he comes back, it's play time with one of my favorite toys and go for another walk.  Sometimes I get to go out to dinner with them. They have dinner from a restaurant in the car but bring mine with them!

Either way you go about it, it's great to be with my humans on their trips and my humans love having me with them!  WOOF!!!!!!

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