Friday, April 13, 2012

The Barkers Dozen Launches “Dollars for Daffy” Fundraiser

"Daffy Trinka"
I believe in helping others especially when it comes to a dog or cat in need of medical attention.  It's an important part of life- helping others. My human received this news release about a dog named "Daffy Trinka" who is suffering from an unknown illness and is in need of medical care.  I want to share the details of a fundraiser to help Daffy.

"A shop called The Barkers Dozen has launched the “Dollars for Daffy” fundraiser for the month of April 2012, where the organic dog treat baker will donate a portion of the profits from the sale of its products to Daffy Trinka, a 6-year-old Toy Fox/Jack Russell Terrier and loyal fan of the company."

This is really cool, check this out "50% of the profits from the sale of its treats purchased on its online store – – to Daffy and her owner, Ingrid Trinka. Plus, when customers use the promo code “DAFFY” at checkout, they will receive a special thank you gift from The Barkers Dozen."

Her human, Ms. Ingrid Trika, said "I am just so thrilled to see Daffy chosen as a ‘Barkers Buddy’, the rest took my breath away.  I am overwhelmed to think that complete strangers would extend such an incredible offer to us. We are so very thankful. We never, in our dreams, expected this.”  I get teary-eyed reading this it's so cool.

Daffy, is an avid fan of The Barkers Dozen’s Gluten-Free Blueberry Bone-anza Organic Dog Treats, was rescued two years ago by her owner, Ingrid Trinka, in what she calls a twist of divine intervention.

Ingrid, who had been praying for years for the right dog to enter her life after her beloved Dachshund BetsyRoss passed away, didn’t adopt Daffy the first time she met the dog because the pup didn’t seem like a good match. The dog appeared to have been abused by previous owners, was in poor health and was found homeless. Eight months later, when Ingrid and the same dog crossed paths again, she realized a greater power had chosen Daffy for her. Daffy’s whole story can be read on The Barkers Dozen’s blog, The Daily Barker.

While Daffy now has a forever home and has blossomed into a well-mannered dog, she is suffering from what appears to be a neurological disorder that causes violent jerking and tremors when she sleeps. Ingrid and Daffy live in a town without the facilities or equipment to diagnose and treat her, and will need to travel more than 250 miles to Manhattan, Kan., to the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, to have bloodwork and an MRI taken. Ingrid, who is disabled, can’t currently afford the treatment or the travel and lodging costs, which are estimated to total around $2,000.

The President/CEO and Founder of The Barkers Dozen, Shawn Sherry, states,
“When we learned of Daffy’s story, we felt compelled to offer our assistance so that Daffy could get the care she deserves. This dog has been through more than most, and her second chance at life should be as healthy and happy as possible.”

You know what my thought is, humans should buy their dogs some special treats and help raise funds for Daffy-a win-win all the way around- now to go find my human and convince them!!

About The Barkers Dozen:
With the goal of providing Homemade Organic Pet Treats that everyone could afford, Shawn Sherry and Anthony Newman founded The Barkers Dozen in 2009. In the midst of the 2008 pet food scare, they saw an opportunity to start a local and organic dog treat business where customers could feel safe and secure about what they fed to that loyal member of their family.

The Barkers Dozen treats use the highest-quality, human-grade organic ingredients and are made in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy any furry friend. The gourmet dog treats are made on demand and in small batches to ensure the freshest product possible for our customers, without using artificial preservatives. Feeling a responsibility to the world in which we all live, its packaging has always been renewable or recyclable in nature.

The current lineup of organic pet treats includes: Barkers Family Chicken Treats, Barkers Carrot Treats, Blueberry Bone-anza Gluten Free Treats, Barkers Dozen Barkscotti, Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter Treats, and The Big Dipper. Also available are “The Mutt”, “The Chocolate Lab” and “The Mastiff” Sampler Boxes, seasonal treats, puppy adoption and dog birthday gift boxes, and custom-made cookie jars and gift baskets.

The Barkers Dozen celebrated its first year in business in 2010, and to mark the occasion, redesigned its Web site and rolled out an interactive, virtual storefront, as well as The Daily Barker blog and e-newsletter.

In 2011, Sherry assumed sole ownership of The Barkers Dozen, following a year of historic growth for the company. Later that year, continuing its belief in social responsibility, The Barkers Dozen began utilizing staff from the Aditus group, a non-profit which helps those with special needs to be able to enter the work force.

In addition, The Barkers Dozen donates a portion of its profits from every sale to two animal shelters in its local market.

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