Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Friend - Meet Rocket

"Here I Come!"
I'd like you to meet Rocket! When my human went to photograph Rocket, he wasn't sure, as usual, what type of dog he was or what his personality would be like. My human loves dogs and loves to photograph them for rescue groups and clients. So he goes to the house, sits down on the deck steps to prepare his camera, next thing he knows, Rocket jumps in his lap and gives him gives him doggie kisses!! When my human told me about it, I had to laugh as I could smell it all over him. I'm cool with it since he's helping other dogs and cats to find Forever Homes.
I want to introduce to you Rocket!! He is an affectionate,sensitive Boxer/ Pit Bull mix, who is obviously also mixed with a breed with big ears! Born last March, Rocket is full grown at 45 lbs, but still puppyish enough to love to play with people, toys, and his foster’s other dog. This smart, healthy, beautifully muscled dog adores people, and he is so tuned into his people’s feelings that he seems a little hurt if they shy away from his abundant kisses (which my human found out right quick!). A bit too big for a lapdog, nevertheless, he would love to fall asleep in a comfy lap, and just being able to touch someone he adores relaxes him. He is very tolerant of all kinds of touching, grabbing, hugging,etc., and does not guard his food or toys from people, so would be a great playmate for older children, who could comfortably enjoy his bounce and vigor.

Rocket is housebroken, sits for a treat,and comes when he is called. He walks well on a leash using a gentle leader and is an attentive watchdog. He needs to have someone around for at least part of the day, and will need a good fence to keep him in, as he is quite athletic and motivated by the presence of other dogs, squirrels, over the fence. He is neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative, and up to date on his shots.

"Rocket's Curiosity"
If you would like to meet Rocket or obtain more information on adopting him, please go to for application and more details.

"Am Looking for A Friend and A Home. Are you it?"

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