Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday's Friend- Part 2

One of my human's co-worker's asked me to introduce you to a dog who is looking for a "Forever Home."  Dad's co-worker said she's the sweetest dog (well, she hasn't meet me yet so---) and a joy to have around- she's helping the foster parents by taking her for walks and stuff.

Meet Reba.  I understand she is a collie and not a mixed breed.  She was picked

Reba: Collie, Dog; Chantilly, VA
up as a stray in rural VA. She is very friendly and sweet.  The place where she's staying  believes she had a litter of pups before coming into rescue. Her age is around 1 to 2 years.

She is a very sweet dog (and what a looker!!-ooops.. excuse me!) who gets along well and plays well with other dogs. She is high energy and very responsive, so she would make a great performance dog. We feel that an active family who will take her places and just enjoy being with her is the perfect home!

If you are interested in rescuing a collie, please complete this short adoption...

Thank you to Dad's co-worker for sharing this information with me.  Also, thank you to for posting her information. 

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