Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dog and Cat Photography by Allen

My human has asked me to promote his new work every once in awhile.  I agreed to since he is the one who makes the money to buy my treats and food.  He feeds me the best food and gives me some of the best treats.

Dog and Cat Photography by Allen is a way to get great photographs of your dog and cat inexpensively.  You pay for a session fee which reserves the date and time as well as covers his basic expenses.  After the session, you will receive a link to your private gallery on his website where you can select the prints or products you'd like to order.

Allen's goal is to provide you natural,
beautiful images of your dog or cat in the setting or location of your choice.  He doesn't use computer editing software to remove blemishes, scars or anything else as that's considered part of the natural look of your companion. (I have four scars from my journeys before I met my humans and Dad's taken many shots that he loves despite the scars that I don't like).

Anyway, you can request black and white images (do that before the session starts) and virtually any products.  The products offered are prints, photo books, gallery/canvas wraps, DVD's, CD's, Screen Savers and so on.  If there are some  products you want but are not offered by Allen, you can request it and he'll make recommendations or assist you.

For further details, please check out my human's website at   Allen Pearson's Photos.  You can contact him by email at   Or,  check out the notes section on Facebook,


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