Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Green Team!!

"Our Leader- See Him in the Middle"
I am now on the Green Team at my Human’s church!! I am so excited.  I got invited to attend by the group so I went.  My human and I had a blast!

While he cleaned out the weeds around the church’s sign out on the highway, I supervised his efforts to make sure he didn’t miss a single weed.   My human is pretty good and meticulous about garden work so he did a great job.  

I made sure to keep my claws to myself and not dig any holes around the yard that wasn’t really needed.  My human said this was an important spot on the property because it’s what people see driving down the highway and the first thing they see when coming onto the property.  So, I helped him create a welcoming and friendly look by removing sticks and chopping them up, trimming grass and not digging. (I’ll save my digging skills for my humans yard!).

"Yes, yes, yes... scratch right there!!!"
The fun part was when I got to meet the other guys on the team.  They would take a break, pet my head and scratch my belly- it was great!!   I loved it.

"Doing an Inspection of the Work"
The guys get together every Saturday to do a variety of chores like mowing the yard, and this is no small space, trimming and edging, weeding (like Dad does) and general clean-up.  Two of the guys got to ride these really cool tractors all morning.

The coolest thing about it is that I got to spend time with my human where I normally wouldn’t get to do so.  AND, we went out to lunch afterwards.  It was so cool to sit around chatting with the guys after a morning of working in the Lord’s Gardens!!!  I’m glad the group invited me to join!!

"Finishing Up!"

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