Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday's Friend- Horton and Lorax

Hello!!  I've got two cats to introduce to you this week.   The names, Horton and Lorax, are taken from one of Dr. Suess's children's books as my human tells me.  I, didn't read Dr. Suess as a youngster, I read books by Dr. Arf A. Barker, quite entertaining and educational.   Anyway, I digress,  let me tell you about these two kittens....
"Horton and Lorax"
My Dad took this photo of these two kittens (I’ve almost forgiven him for not taking me along-). Horton and Lorax were rescued from a shelter in North Carolina – if my friends at PetConnect Rescue hadn’t rescued them, they might even have been put to sleep (RRRuff!). That makes me mad, because even though I’m not that fond of kitties, I certainly don’t know how anyone could let these two die and I wouldn't want to hurt one- there too fun to chase!!. But there just isn’t enuff room at the shelters to keep all the cats and dogs that need homes. If more people would spay and neuter their 4leggeds there might be room for more cats and dogs who need help. But now these two brothers are safe and they’d love to find a home together! They are very social and love being with people and kids. To find out more about Horton and Lorax please visit my friends at PetConnect Rescue: PetConnect Rescue Adopt a Cat - Horton & Lorax

"Horton and Lorax"
My Dad told my Mom how cool these two kitties were while he was photographing.  They kept playing around the crate being fun.   They were entertaining to watch.   Thanks our friend, Cat Lady, for sending us info. on these two guys!

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