Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Friend- Meet Bourbon, Bailey, and Bess

I have to say a special "Thank You" to Cat Lady for the dedicated hard work she puts into rescuing cats.  She has saved many cat lives and made many cat owners very happy- thanks a very important thing to do in life.  I am thankful that PetConnect Rescue has someone as dedicated as her and their cat volunteers (maybe one week I can share some pics of them with you).

"Bourbon, Bailey and Bess"
My friend the Cat Lady sent my dad this photo of 3 kittens that just arrived from a North Carolina shelter. If it weren’t for the dedication of the caring volunteers at PetConnect Rescue these 3 cute (yes, even I think these little ones are very cute and I bet all my pals would agree!!) would not have made it (been put to sleep – grrrwoof!-almost happened to me but thanks to PetConnect Rescue.....). 

At only 6 weeks old they aren’t old enough to be adopted or be on the PetConnect Rescue website, but they are growing fast and playing hard, so will be ready soon. In a foster home, they are loved, happy and learning the world is not such a bad place. Bourbon, Bailey & Bess are lucky but will need loving forever homes. If you are looking for a new family member or are interested in fostering – please visit the PetConnect Rescue website at PetConnect Rescue.

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