Monday, May 13, 2013

Humane Dog Training is the Key Phrase in a Training Program

The dog owners, who want to nurture the human-canine bond in the real sense of the term, formulate dog-friendly training programs. When you take up the job of training your dog so that there are fewer outbursts of awkward incidents in public, it is empathy and patience that you need to abide by. If you are putting your trust on experienced professionals, ensure that you choose the dog trainer wisely.

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Humane dog training should be the focus of your program where you create a safe learning environment and the fear factor does not loom large in the background in the minds of your canine friend. Fear should not pave the path for obedience. Obedience to your dictates and a well-bred demeanor can soon inculcate in your dog without much fuss when you make a good use of sweet-words, warmth, affection as well as strictness while training him.

Patience and Responsibility
It is about shaping a dog’s behavior via a non-abusive way with positive reinforcement approach, which really helps. Patience is the pivot when you are dealing with your dog. It is the body language, eye-contact, some subtle gestures which are the potent signals which a dog owner needs to read well in his canine companion, without getting violent. It is a huge responsibility when you are embarking on the task of training your dog. Gather knowledge about how to gel well with your furry friend, so that while you are the strict yet approachable trainer, your beloved four-legged friend picks up your instructions in quick time.

Being the Able Leader of the Pack
"A Dog in Training"
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 Leadership is the fine blend of both art and science! In order to establish your leadership without being tyrannical, the chief thing is to know your pack in the right way. This ensures that you tackle your dog without getting flared up and implementing abusive techniques. When you, as the dog trainer, is in the quest to be the ‘alpha member’ then have confidence on your sleeves, shunning nervous energy from your system. If you are not confident about your own abilities, it can lead to the development of anxiety. Do not let your dog to read your signs of your nervous energy, which can make him naughtier or a prankster.

Play Safe with the Choke Chain
 Whether you are trying to put a tab on the aggressiveness or the uncontrollable behavior of your canine friend, make a deft use of the choke chain. This is one of the key dog training tools which have the potential to injure or sprain the neck bones of your dog. When you pull the choke chain radically to make your dog to come to a halt and curb his natural instinct of going wild, you need to be very careful. Only the expert and professional trainers must use the choke chain in the dog training program.

Draft the Training Programs with the SMART Approach
 Things do not happen overnight and the more quickly you get this fact, it will be easier for you. A specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound approach is the key when you are drafting the dog-training program. So when you have well-defined goals that you want your dog to achieve, without putting too much expectations on your adorable friend, you can taste success soon. When you make way for rewards for your dog, it is like receiving a pat on the back for him, making him to engage in the learning process and be attentive in the training program with his tail wagging!
Author Bio- Jon Berkowitz, BVSc. MBA, is the owner of Pets First Choice.  This reputed importer of top-notch eco-friendly pet products has eked out a niche in the industry with a commendable inventory of pet products.

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