Thursday, May 16, 2013

BlogPaws 2013

(C) Allen Pearson

Well, here we go.   The moment I have been dreading since last November.  Though I had hoped something would change, it didn’t work out.  Am I depressing today?  It’s because I am sad.

I realize that I can’t always have my way.  Yes, believe it or not, I understand that but PLEASE don’t tell my human as he doesn’t know that I know, you know?  And, you’ll mess it up for me.

My human is heading to BlogPaws in Tysons Corner, VA later today.  Since it isn’t far from us, I was hoping to attend.   Barkingly disappointed and pawed to no end, I am not going to get to go.  And, though I understand, I am still very sad.

Since my human will be photographing the event and attending workshops, that makes it a bit difficult for me to go- he figures I’ll want to wonder around since I am a very active dog- sitting for hours isn't my top skill- laying next to my human for hours getting my belly rubbed is a different story. 

I was working on my sitting and laying for hours skills when I saw pictures of guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters and bunnies on the website as pets who might be attending- when I licked my chops and started drooling- that did it.  Well, I am part hound and it shows sometimes!

So, my human will go in my place and learn, I hope- you know him, some things we can use to our my blog.  RUFF!!!!!!

My Mom human might drop me by the event on Saturday for awhile if it works out- that would be so pawsome!

I wish everyone attending BlogPaws a great time and congratulations to all of those who receive recognition and awards!!  PAWS TO YOU!!!!!!!

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