Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Friend - Operation Paws For Homes

RUFF!!!! WOOOFF!!!!!!! I am having an incredipawl time this week introducing you to all my friends and catching up with the rescues and shelters that I email or hang out with!!! My human went to the BlogPaws conference in Tysons Corner, Virginia, last weekend and I didn't get to finish my barking but am making it up this week!!

I've got to introduce you to Carly, a sweet, 1-2 year-old Labrador/Hound mix. She's fostered in Maryland through Operation Paws for Homes.

Used by permission of Operation Paws for Homes
and Michael Garth Photography
Carly is super sweet, wiggly, and loves people. She loves to dish out kisses and affection to anyone who will give her attention. She's happy to learn and please people. Carly is good with children, as she's just a pup herself! 

She likes other dogs if given a slow introduction. It took about a day, but her foster brother and I wrestle all over the house now.  She lives with a cat, but doesn't pay her any mind. She sits on her cat tree and watches the other dog and Carly. 

She is still learning her name and basic commands. Her foster mom taught her how to sit over a weekend! Carly is crate trained, where she sleep quietly through the night without any problems, and housebroken too. When she wants to go potty outside, she'll sit quietly by the door and wait for someone to let her out. 

Carly's foster mom gives her toys, but she doesn't destroy them or chew them up, and doesn't touch anything that isn't hers. 

She's a really good girl who just needs someone to love her. Carly would make a lively and loving addition to any home if someone will just give her the chance!

Thank you to Operation Paws for Homes and Michael Garth Photography for supplying information for Friday's Friend. 

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