Saturday, May 18, 2013

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue (On Saturday)

No, I'm not mixed up, lost or confused- my human went to BlogPaws Conference and I didn't get to finish my Friday's Friends.  Although I really miss him, I'm glad he got to go to BlogPaws to learn about blogging! You should see his blog, or should I say, read it!!  Anyway, I digress- "Cat Lady" has brought me a new arrival at PetConnect Rescue and we'd like you to meet him!

Please meet my new friend Bill!
Used by Permission of PetConnect Rescue

Bill is approximately 6 months old. He was a frightened stray as he was rescued as a baby which makes him initially timid around people! Once he know he can trust you, he's really affectionate dude!!

If he wants more attention, Bill likes to sit up on my back legs and butt my head against my humans' hands until they scratch me between the ears.

Bill is a sweet guy. He has rich jet black fur with a white flash on my chest and on my belly!

Bill would be happiest in a quiet home without young children, where he can learn to love my new family at my own pace. Bill is a healthy guy, neutered, and had all his shots. Bill would love to meet you!

If you would like more information please visit, here and fill out our online application. Someone from PetConnect Rescue will contact you.

Used by Permission of PetConnect Rescue
Thank you to PetConnect Rescue for supplying information for Friday's Friend. 

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