Tuesday, May 14, 2013

National Pet Month!

(C) Allen Pearson

The purpose of National Pet Month is to let you know how barkingly great and pawsome it is to have a pet, to have that special someone in your life, to have someone greet you when you come home –even if you just went to the mailbox, to have someone bounce head over heels just seeing your face, to have someone be security guard for your property, to have someone to celebrate the special days with, to have someone to pet during times of stress, to have someone to help you lower your blood pressure, to have someone around during times of grieving a loss, to have someone to encourage you to exercise, to have someone to live for, to have someone to take you on those long walks to watch the sunset, to have someone to grow old with, to have someone to do homework with, to have someone to watch the sunrise, to have someone to share those long lonely hours while waiting for the news to come, to have someone to cook for, to have someone when doing household chores, to have someone to quietly share those “not feeling so good” moments that come along,  to have 
"Precious Kitty"
(C) Allen Pearson
someone to help reduce your chances of a heart attack, to have someone to do yard chores with, someone to nap on the deck in the backyard with, someone to read the bestseller with, to have someone to nap with..........   

Got it?

Ooops.  Sorry for the tangent.  What was I going to write about, oh yeah…. Well, I think you've gotten the idea-  consider adopting your pet from a local animal rescue or shelter.   Of course, I’m taken, but am sure you can find a pet that is almost or, er, nearly like me!   

And, I want to recognize all the rescue organizations and shelters whose volunteers and employees do such a great job with caring for the animals assigned to them!

Pets make your life so much more exciting and fun- consider getting one soon. 
(C) Allen Pearson
National Pet Month is celebrated in the USA during the month of May and in April in the U.K.

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