Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Friend - Ambassador Pit Bulls

My buddy Admiral has weathered more than his fair share of bad luck in his lifetime!  I met him through one of the volunteers with Ambassador Pit Bulls.

Credits: Ambassador Pit Bulls
Dirty Paw Photography
WOW! The list of stuff Admiral has gone through is amazing: he was forced to live with a broken femur for months with no treatment; he was tied to a tree and abandoned while suffering with the broken leg; he spent time in a shelter; and he’s had an FHO surgery; he’s overcome a deep infection in his pelvic bone; he battles with separation anxiety daily; And most recently he’s had his bad leg amputated. Really, how much can one dog take? You can read about it in his Blog.

You'd think these challenges would be too much and would affect Adminal.  But, it hasn't as he's remained friendly and docile. He gives as much love as he gets.  His quiet demeanor is praised by everyone who meets him.  He has a pretty large fan base for a homeless rescue dog and his foster family adores him.

Shy with people?  Naw, Admiral isn't!  He’s acts as if he's never met a stranger and is one of the most forgiving beings on the planet as he does not hold what was done to him in the past against anyone!

Admiral’s ideal home is one where someone is home most of the time. He lives with rabbits (one of whom is his best friend and they hang out with each other at least once a week) and other dogs. Car rides make him pretty queasy but once you get to your destination he is happy to join you wherever you go. He really wants a family to call his own. Can you give him the home he deserves?

For more information, please contact Ambassador Pit Bulls

"Wanna be my friend?"
Credit: Ambassador Pit Bull
Dirty Paw Photography
Thank you to Ambassador Pit Bull for Friday's Friend. 

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