Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday's Friday's Friend - Operation Paws For Homes

Are you interested in helping to save a life? RUFF!! I’m so thankful my humans were! If you are please read on or share with someone- my friends from Operation Paws for Homes introduced me to a new buddy this week you might be interested in meeting. Please meet Seminole- er, yes, he's in there- just follow the hands-  RUFF!!!!!

Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
A handsome, possibly 2-3 year old Black Lab Male, Seminole was dumped in a rural SC shelter with a neck wound. Though he was in pain, this cool southern dude, warmed the hearts of the South Carolina shelter staff and became a favorite! And, that is quite the accomplishment for a shelter that takes in hundreds of dogs a week! A last minute plea, with only 7 minutes on the clock, the shelter emailed Operation Paws for Homes asking if they could find some room for Seminole.

"Seminole at Oriole's Game"
Credit: Operation Paws
for Homes
An important item about Seminole as he will need an adopter who can continue to work with him during dog-on-dog interactions. He does great at doggie daycare as long as other dogs don’t attempt to assert dominance over him. OPH is working on Seminole's training and progress to get him used to all other dogs. Since Seminole had a rough start to life, he wasn't properly socialized so he'll need an adoptive family who will continue to train so that one day he will be able to make and keep doggie friends! With daily professional training, Semi has already started to forget his past!!

Seminole is a very intelligent pup! He’s doing very well with sit, come, get down, and lay down commands. He is great with people absolutely loving everyone and gentle with kids. Seminole just wants a person to love him back -he loves to attaches himself to his “person.”

Since his is up to date on all shots, neutered and microchipped, he is ready to enter your family. Extremely low maintenance - he's a super easy dog to care for. His short length coat won't leave fur balls around your house. He loves to be near you, but is happy going off to take a nap if you're busy. An excellent pup for single, couple, or family - Semi just wants to be spoiled with love, affection, and be taken for a great romp around now and then.

Also, Seminole has a blog! Read it here Semi's Story -Semi is a deserving dog in search of a loving home.

Submit an application today so you can visit him, fall completely in love and take him home! Seminole is staying with his foster family in Shady Side, MD. 

"Aren't I Cute- Take Me Home"
Credit: Operation Paws for Homes
Thank you to Operation Paws for Homes for Friday's Friend.  

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