Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Friend - Washington Humane Society

Credit: Washington Humane Society
My friend today from the Washington Humane Society is a bud named Maze. After learning about him, I've felt sorry for him but he's been taken care of and is ready to go home with you.

At less than one-years old, Maze was rescued by a WHS Humane Law Enforcement Officer because he was suffering abuse at the hand of his owner. PAWS TO YOU WHS Officer! He was nursed back to health by the society.

Despite his past, Maze has kept his lovable, friendly personality, and loves to run, play, and be petted. Maze wants to share his puppy love with you in a "Forever Home." For more information, please visit WHS Georgia Avenue Adoption Center!

Attention Veterans:
Washington Humane Society is a Pets for Patriots adoption partner offering veterans in our program a 50% adoption fee discount! Pets for Patriots and Washington Humane Society.

Thank you to the Washington Humane Society for today's Friday's Friend. 

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