Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday's Success Stories- from Those who Rescued!

This is so cool, my human buddy Big Bruno who I introduced to you awhile ago and we heard from him mostly recently as he fostered my friend Hardee (now known as Harper) for PetConnect Rescue sent me an email updating Hardee's, er, Harper's status!

"Harper at his Forever Home"
Credit: Big Bruno, PetConnect Rescue
"My brother and sister-in-law fell in love with him and after meeting him a few times decided to adopt him. I only wish all dogs could be as fortunate as Harper....he hit the jackpot.

Here is their story: The new addition to our family is a bundle of fur we named Harper, a 60 lb. Shepherd/Collie mix. As past owners of rescue dogs, we know how important it is to adopt a dog from a local shelter or rescue organization. 

Harper (yes- he is named for the baseball player) loves to field balls and is feeling right at home. Our 10 year old Lab mix gave us the "paws up" sign for the adoption and he is getting some additional exercise due to the energy level of 18 month old Harper. 

We found that introducing the dogs (leashed) at a park was a good way to observe any potential personality conflicts that could affect the adoption of Harper. The next step was to take both dogs to our back yard for some supervised play. The final test was observing their behavior on a walk. The key was for our Lab mix to show that he was ok with Harper, and we got that signal. 

As with many siblings, Harper is sometimes the pesky younger brother, but the older dog is clear that he (Ari) is the alpha. Harper respects that assignment. Although Harper can't bat (something about not having a thumb...) he is our new All Star!

Isn't that a cool story for Harper?  If you are looking for an addition to your family, please check out our "Friends" tab for rescue organization contacts.

Please feel free to share a brief comment about your successful adoption experience in the comment section below!

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