Monday, July 8, 2013

Travelling With Your Dog

Summer is upon us and it is that time of year when people begin to think about their summer vacation and escaping from the demands of daily life for a short time. Not surprisingly, there are many millions of families all around the world who struggle to plan a vacation because they have a dog. Although there has been a huge improvement in dog friendly accommodation and resorts during recent years, people still seem unsure, and will often sacrifice their family vacation in favor of several daily excursions with the dog. This is a shame really, because there are lots of options available, and plenty of fun things to do with your pet. It really isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Suggested Dog Friendly Vacations
Travelling with your dog is actually very easy to do. Depending on the common interests of your family members, you can book in to caravan and camping sites where you set up your pitch and head off into the wilderness. Or if you prefer something a little more comfortable, you can find many dog friendly motels and self catering apartments or houses in holiday resorts. Then there are luxury hotels that have begun to offer special packages for families with dogs. Some hotels will even offer treatments including dog therapies, gift packs containing chew toys, collars and leashes, and individual dog grooming and dog sitting services. For something totally different, how about taking your dog on a cruise? That’s right, you can actually take your dog on board a ship and cruise around the world on vacation! There is a dedicated cruise ship operated by Cunard Liners, and it has purpose built kennels, highly trained staff to care for your pet, and lots of treats on hand for your pampered pooch.

Prepare your Dog for Travel
You might wonder how it is possible to go cruising with your dog when there are so many restrictions around vaccinations and entry into other countries. You would have to check out the specific places you were planning to visit, but if you take your dog on the special cruise liner, you can enjoy excursions in lots of exotic locations and leave your dog safely on board in the hands of the trained professionals. The dogs are exercised, fed and entertained, and you can leave special instructions and guidelines if you want to. The staff members are there to help, and their job is to keep your dog happy. After a fun day of sight seeing, you can return to the ship and be with your furry friend for the evening. It is just like being at home, only it is far more exciting and adventurous! It is advisable to ensure that your dog is properly vaccinated against infections or diseases such as kennel cough, but this is easily carried out by your veterinary surgeon. Simply ask at your local pet care center for more details and information. You might also want to ensure that your dog is relaxed in the company of others, and that he or she is sufficiently trained in obedience with new people. This will simply make for a more enjoyable holiday.

A Quiet Vacation

Some dogs might not be happy about spending time out at sea. It is true that most dogs seem to enjoy the water, but generally they prefer to swim in it and chase sticks, rather than drift around on a boat. Fear not, there are other options besides the cruise ship. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of dedicated pet friendly holiday resorts to visit, and there are also festivals and gatherings that you can attend. These events are probably more suited to dogs that prefer to be sociable. If your pet is of a nervous disposition, then a quiet retreat is probably more appropriate. It all depends on your individual needs and desires.

Ultimately, the possibilities are endless when it comes to taking a vacation with your dog. As long as you carefully check the small print when booking your holiday, and you ensure that everything is organized in terms of vaccinations and relevant paperwork, you are good to go. Pack up the family, pack up your pooch, and don’t forget the chew bones and dog leash! Head off on your travels and explore the wonders of the world around you. Who knows, maybe your dog will have a holiday romance while you are away? Give your pet a treat, and he or she will adore you forever (even more so than usual).

Annie McKay is a freelance writer and researcher.

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