Saturday, February 28, 2015

Anniversary of the Winter Coat

I share about this every winter- woof- so I guess this season shouldn't be any different.

February 2015 marks the fifth anniversary of my fake, human-like, horse-like, totally-embarrassing, can't-believe-I-have-to-wear-this-silly-thing, winter coat.

"Noah and His Coat"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
It all started the winter I went to live with my humans in Northern Virginia. It was cold.  It was snowy. Pawingly, I'd never seen snow. And, it turned out to be the snowiest winter in history for the area.  And, cold. really cold- did I mention it was cold?

Once I figured out what this stuff falling from the sky was, snow, I began to go outside with my human while he shoveled it to make a path for me.  I was so pleased he would take the time to clear out a way for me to get around. WOOF!!!

Well, I started shivering because it was so cold- at least to me being from North Carolina -it was barkingly cold. Dad and Mom noticed me shivering and took me inside.

Barkingly, it happened again.

Dad went looking for a sweater for me to use. He found several that I just was NOT going to be seen in, so I conveniently got rid of them.

Later in the season, which was in February, Dad and Mom decided to check out a new pet store in the area.  The store was having a sale on coats and sweaters so my humans looked around again.  Then, Dad found it.  What he thought was the perfect coat for me.  So, he bought it.

I have to admit, since I have a thin coat, the human made coat does keep me warm and it is really nice.  My human understands that my own coat keeps me plenty warm and only makes me wear the fake one when the temperatures get really low or we go for a walk in a snow storm.  

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