Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Noah's Houndisms: February is "Pet Dental Month!"

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WOOF!!  Dental cleaning.  Dental check-up.  Maybe dental surgery.  All important aspects of caring for your dog or cat.

My human gets laughed at by other humans when he mentions taking me to the veterinarian for dental cleaning.  He doesn't mind as he realizes not everyone is up to date on dental care for their pets and why it's important.

Several years ago now, Mom and Dad had adopted a wonderful cat.  It was Dad's first time to live with a cat so he was a bit unnerved but the cat ended up winning him over!

The previous owner did not do a good job caring for the cats teeth.  And, his diet wasn't the best either.  Mom and Dad changed his diet and they kept up his veterinarian appointments.

In time, the cat began to become grumpy and not fun to be around.  Concerned, my humans took him to the veterinarian only to discover some serious dental issues.

After some dental surgery, and some time passed, Mom and Dad noticed a 100% turnaround in the cats behavior and attitude. You could say he developed a great cattitude!!

From that point on, my humans have maintained dental appointments in February for all their furry children. WOOF!!!

Used by Permission, GraphicStock

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