Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to Take a Great Photo with Your Dog by Allie Coleman

Whether you’re creating an annual holiday card or want a great picture to hang on your wall or post online, getting your dog to pose for the camera can be a bit tough. Even if you don’t have a high energy dog, there’s no telling if your pup will cooperate and give the camera an adorable expression when you want her to. Thankfully, you don’t have to waste memory card space or megabytes taking tons of photo attempts. There are ways to make sure you get a great shot of your dog.

Use Bribes
Give your dog a few of her favorite treats to get her in a good mood, then tell her to sit while you hold a treat up and snap a picture. If she’s good at obeying the “sit” command, she should stay calm enough for a great photo. Just make sure you’re ready to take the picture when you tell her to sit. Otherwise, she could get impatient and mess up the shot.

Get Your Dog to Smile
This really involves getting your dog to pant, which will give her that goofy, smiley expression. Let her run around your yard for a bit, or grab a toy and play with her to get her active. When she starts panting, reach for your camera or smartphone and take a picture.

Take a Dog’s-Eye View Photo
Sit on the floor near your dog to take a picture that’s at her level. You might find that she stays still more when you’re sitting by her instead of standing up. This also makes for an interesting shot, thanks to the lower angle.

Go for Candid Shots
These won’t look as posed and professional, of course, but candid shots can also make great photos. Just keep in mind that candid shots tend to come out better if you have a higher quality camera, since you won’t end up with as many blurry shots. Try to get a picture of your dog as she’s running around joyfully outside or playing with a favorite toy inside.

Wait Until Your Dog Is Tired
If you want a relaxed picture of your dog, wait until she’s tired out after playing, going for a walk or exploring your yard. She’ll be easier to handle, and you’ll have a better chance of getting a good shot of her.

About the Author:  Allie Coleman is the founder of the doggy bloggy startup: BlogYourDog.com

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