Thursday, February 19, 2015

Love Your Pet Day

WOOF!! This should be a fun post today- pawticularly once my human reads it-  HAPPY LOVE YOUR PET DAY!!!  WOOF!!!

Tomorrow, February 20, is "Love Your Pet Day!"

You should take time every day to love your pet.  Whether it's taking time before and after school or work, you must do this to ensure the happiness of your pet!!

After all, they've done many things to make your life great! We help you maintain better health which includes lower blood pressure and stress relief, and we love you unconditionally!

Barkingly pawsome, is the pet who has loved you through thick and thin- I paw that you celebrate this day by:

  • Taking the day off and spending it petting your pet.  If your pet is not pettable then take the time to pet your friends pet after watching your pet or whatever it is you do with a pet that is not pettable- maybe keep it company for a few more hours than usual.
  • Give us an extra treat of the best treats you have for us.  At least two. Maybe three.  My human tries to watch my weight but it won't hurt a few extra treats once, especially on "Love Your Pet Day!"
  • Give us an extra hug. This one, you have to be careful and be sure your pet likes this- if they show an unhappiness like trying to pull away, stop or don't do it.  I don't mind a hug for a few seconds but not an eternity!  WOOF!
  • However you celebrate the day, be sure to spoil your pet in a way they would greatly appreciate and love!

"Love Your Pet Day"
Used by Permission, GraphicStock

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