Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Noah's Houndisms: Spaying and Neutering!

arf! This is embarrassing.  And, not a topic I like to talk about.  woof.  All I can think about is OUCH! and, well, a little less fun in my doggy life.  Of course, that might be a good thing-

Why? There are way too many cats and dogs without humans to love them and a home for them to live.  They end up in shelters waiting for a human to come by and take them home.  If that doesn't happen, and if a rescue doesn't come by and take them until they find a home, then they, well, you know- it's not a good thing- sorry, I can barely say it much less write it because I was really close to being there once myself.  An estimated 2 million animals are put down each year as they can't find a home.

Used by permission, GraphicStock
Spay/neuter is an effective and humane way to save animals’ lives. Spaying (for females) and neutering (for males) are common surgeries veterinarians perform to stop animals from having accidental, surplus litters.

The treatment can be done as early as 6 weeks old.  Visit your veterinarian for more details.



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