Saturday, February 27, 2016

Book Review: "Earnest" by Kristin Von Kreisler

Used by Permission, Kristin Von Kreislet
A barkingly pawsome book!  An author who can keep my human's attention and wanting to read more- is an one woofly pawcellent author!

Kristin Von Kreisler captures the unique loving bond between a dog and his humans in her newest book "Earnest."  My human kept saying, "This reminds him of how I would react!" Meaning, me as the dog in the book- WOOF!!

A refreshingly, clean, page-turner, the book shares the beauty of adding a dog to your family and the love that comes with this new experience.

Anna and Jeff adopt a Yellow Labrador Retriever Ernest together and soon discover his trust and loyalty to be a barkingly impawtant aspect of their relationship. Earnest works to keep the two together through life's events.

A book all animal lovers need to read!

"Earnest" is available February 2016 at online and other retail booksellers.

Disclaimer: I was not given treats, toys, food, or anything else special to write this post. Or anything plain either for that matter.  WOOF!  Neither did my human.

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