Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Importance of the Colonoscopy

Uh Oh!  arf?  woof! It is that time again. Time for the annual or bi-annual or who knows when time, to stay out of Mom's way.  WOOF!!

It's really odd.  She will be sitting all quietly, behaving herself nicely on her chair that she bought for Dad but decided to use it for herself when all of a sudden she gets up and runs to the bathroom.  arf.

From that point on, no one is permitted to use the downstairs bathroom or the one closest to where she is depending on what she does during the evening- thank goodness, I use the backyard.

Dad has been caught in the path a few times and learned "get out of the way!"  And, what's funnier, is Dad was in the backyard, a difficult area of the garden, when his moment hit and he had to take off moving as fast as he could to get through the garden, run across the deck, through the kitchen and to the bathroom.
Today will be challenging.  Dad likes to stay near Mom so that if something goes wrong, though highly unlikely, he will be there.  He has learned his way of staying out of the way just like I have! WOOF!!

The fun of this event for all of us, will last through the night and into tomorrow.  Dad will take Mom somewhere and bring her home- then she sleeps until she's done-  but, in the meantime, DON'T GET IN MOM's WAY!!

Oh, and the noises that happen over the next few days are hilarious- they are more like something Dad would do- than Mom- so my goodness, I have to bark!! So as Mom prepares, we are holding our breath and going outside often-

Mom has to have a Colonoscopy every year or two because of family history.  Now, knowing Mom, she would have done the one required at age 50 because she believes in taking care of herself for all of us and the procedure is really nothing compared to getting Colon Cancer or some other awful disease.

Typically, the humans should have a Colonoscopy beginning at age 50 unless there is a family history or the Primary Care Doctor requests it.

To make it more fun or add something special to an already interesting day, Dad takes Mom out for breakfast or lunch at her favorite restuarant!  WOOF!!!

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