Saturday, February 6, 2016

Off the Leash Cartoons

(C) Ruppert Fawcett, Used by Permission
This cartoon is way too familiar! WOOF!! WOOF!!!

WOOF! WOOF!! I have found this barkingly pawsome cartoon while surfing the internet, when my human wasn't looking, hee hee, WOOF! that I will be sharing with you monthly.

The cartoon is "Off the Leash" and pawsomely reminds of life as a dog with humans! The artist, Ruppert Fawcett, has granted permission to publish his work, so will be doing that monthly.  WOOF!!  Barkingly, before I do, I want to share about the artist!

WOOF!! WOOF!!!! Meet Ruppert Fawcett- Here’s a bit about him and how "Off The Leash" came to be.

"He was born and raised in West London where he still lives with his wife and three children. He became a professional cartoonist almost by accident when in 1989 while doodling he drew a little bald man in braces and carpet slippers and named him "Fred."

After receiving over 80 rejection letters from publishers, he was finally offered a place in Midweek, a free magazine given away at London tube stations. This was soon followed by his first book deal and a contract for "Fred" greeting cards! The cards proved very popular and within a short period of time were seen in all over the place.

A range of "Fred" merchandise followed with a steady succession of books. The cartoons also appeared in the Mail On Sunday for four years. Over ten million "Fred" cards have been sold in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and they are still going strong on

When his children were small he created a new character, "Daddy" which was based on my own experiences of parenthood. Three "Daddy" books and a range of merchandise followed. "Daddy" greeting cards are available on

Later, he gave himself the pseudonym Oscar Wendlow and wrote scores of spoof letters to public figures, politicians, and celebrities. A collection of these letters and their replies was published as The Letters of Oscar Wendlow.

Subsequently, he created "Uneasy Street," a half-page colour cartoon strip which appeared in the Sunday Express Magazine every week. Barkingly, he created "Close Encounters," a range of humorous colour cartoons which were published as a book and greeting card range.

Other recent creations are "The Mighty Pen" and "Midnight" ranges of greeting cards which are both available through

He recently signed a licensing deal with Clive Juster Associates and, as a result, has several new "Fred" and "Daddy" products coming out.

Off The Leash is my latest creation and the first to be launched on Social Media. If you like it, he hopes you will register to receive daily posts and, hopefully contribute to it yourself.

If you have any questions please visit his Frequently Asked Questions page to see if he's already posted an answer. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for he will do his best to answer them. Simply complete the form on my Contact page."

Welcome "Off the Leash" to "from The Dog's Paw!"  WOOF!!!

Disclaimer: I was not given treats, food, toys, belly rubs, ear scratches, a nice long walk at my most favorite beautiful park or anything else to write this post, and neither was my human.

We're doing this just for the humor of it!  WOOF!!!!

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