Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Thanksgiving Prayer

(C) Allen Pearson

A Thanksgiving Prayer
by Noah and Samson

Dear God,
WOOF! MEOW! Happy Thanksgiving! 
As Samson and I gather with our humans for Thanksgiving, 
we want to thank you for our pawsome humans!
They are a blessing to us every day. 
Dad for the way he makes sure we're doing alright, are healthy,
we have food in the pantry, water in our bowls, and treats in the little containers. 
Mom for the way she helps Dad take care of us, pets us, 
and scratches our ears and bellies!
We thank you for our home
where we can sleep and keep warm!
We thank you for the beds, blankies, and pillows
where we can curl up when it's cold or hide in when we are afraid
like during thunderstorms and fireworks!
Thank you for the pawsomely delicious food 
and treats our humans provide for us.
They are so delicious and we are thankful for 
the extra effort Dad goes through to make 
certain our treats are healthy, good for us, and tasty.
Thank you for providing our humans with jobs that give them money so they can 
buy us everything we want whenever we want it!
Thank you for our extended human family,
our human uncle, aunt, great aunts, great uncles,
and grandfather. We love them all
and pawingly appreciate our
Uncle Ed who takes care of us
when Mom and Dad travel.
Thank you for our pawsome readers! We love them
and enjoy hearing from them.
Thank you God for You, Your Love and Care all these years.
We hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving God!

P.S. God, this is Samson, I wanna 'specially thank you for Mommy and her lap.
 I was scared and afraid as my world was changing really fast and I didn't understand.
She took me in and allowed me to be me and for her lap.
 I love sitting on her lap every minute I can. She likes it too, I know.
 I love stretching out on her lap then curling up there for a nap. 
She is so pawsome and I am so thankful for her. Oh, yes, I am thankful for Dad too...
 it's just I'm still a little afraid of him but I'm getting there.
He's a great guy and I love him.  


(C) Allen Pearson

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