Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

Photo Credit: Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
Creative: Allen Pearson

WOOF! Happy Friday! My friend the "Great Dane Dame" from the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League brought by a pawsome Great Dane for you to meet!

Meet Shy a 13-month-old Black Great Dane with natural ears. Her full name is Chimaera!  Paws, although she is a puppy, she is a "pocket" Dane weighing around 75 lbs. and probably will not grow to be much larger!  Shy is not tall enough to counter-surf but she shows curiosity in the kitchen.

Shy will an adopted with patience while she is settling into her new home as all puppies do. She is NOT to be trusted roaming free in the home without supervision.  Barkingly, she is still a puppy and will do or get into puppy things!

Shy is a Velcro Dane and pawsitively loves to be near her humans. She loves to lay at her human's feet and cuddle with you all day- if you'll let her! WOOF!

Shy is a bit cautious when meeting new humans. She will do a nervous bark and scurry behind her human ora run to a corner. Barks, once she's sure she's safe, she will warm up. Oh, and she will share her licker with you! WOOF! She tends to bark at new sounds like acorns hit the roof, the ice maker or other home sounds. Once she learns they are normal sounds, she stops.

Shy loves playing with her foster brothers and sisters. She's being fostered with a male and female Great Dane and a male boxer! She loves playing rough but isn't aggressive! She will do best in a home with another confident dog!

Shy enjoys going for rides and knows some basic commands! She will have a training addendum with her adoption.

Paws. she is not recommended for apartment or condo living. She will need a fenced yard and pawlenty of exercise to work the puppy-energy out of her!

Shy has no known history with cats! She is recommended for mini-humans ages 5 and older.

If you would like to learn more about adopting a Great Dane, pawssibly meet Shy and apply to adopt, pawlease visit Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Adoption Procedures.

WOOF! Do you love dogs but, for whatever reason, are not able to adopt? Please consider supporting Shy financially. Donations will assist with her care. Any extra funds will be used to assist other Great Danes at Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League. Interested, please donate HERE!

Photo Credit: Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
Creative: Allen Pearson

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