Sunday, November 11, 2018

Saluting Our Veteran's on Veterans Day!

"Field of Flags"
Photo by Ludovic Gauthier on Unsplash

WOOF! MEOW! Noah and I want to paw a gazillion THANK YOU's to our pawsome US Armed Forces Veterans and their families! Barkingly, typically, November 11 is Veteran's Day. a day to remember and honor those who have done so much so we can have the freedoms we enjoy. Paws, a Presidential Proclamation designates November 2018 as National Veterans and Military Families Month. WOOF! BARKS!

Noah and I are pawsitively proud to bark and meow that we are grandnephews of an Air Force Veteran, granddog and grandcat of an Air Force Retiree, and great granddog and great grandcat of a World War II Navy Veteran. MEOW! BARK! 

Barks, Samson and I are thankful for the many freedoms we have. We are thankful for the freedom to bark or meow as we pawlease, take our human for a walk or a long hike and even on a trip or two. WOOF! BARKS! MEOW! 

Our humans are always saying how thankful they are to the US Armed Forces Veterans of today and years past. They are especially thankful for the freedom to worship God at the church of their choice, live their lives where and how they want to live, to say what they want and to read what they want! Woofs! 

Barks and Meows, the next time you see a Veteran, tell them "Thank You!" 

 Veterans and their families!

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