Monday, November 26, 2018

Cyber Monday! Barks and Meows!

("Bark and Meow! We want to paw up front that we are affiliated with the businesses linked to in this post. Should you purchase items from these links, we will receive a small payment. We have reviewed some products mentioned without any compensation. Barkingly, we don’t know what you purchase so go ahead and buy our Christmas presents!”) 

“WOOF! WOOF! BARK! Are you ready Samson for Cyber Monday?”

“Meow! What in the paws is a Cyber Monday? Some kind of Star Wars or Star Trek event? Does Mom know about it?” 

Travel With Your Dog with Kurgo Products!“Barks, how do you know about Star Wars? Oh, yeah, Mom found another marathon on TV and you two spent days watching it! Woof, no, Cyber Monday is when humans do their Christmas shopping online.”

“MEOWS! Oh cool! I can shop ALL DAY and buy everything I see! Meow! May I have your credit card Noah, pawlease? BARK! BARK! BARKS!”

“Nope Samson, you’re too young! We’ll go Cyber Monday shopping together once the humans go out and leave the computer to us! WOOF! WOOF!

WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! Come on Samson, they’re gone! Let’s have some fun! WOOF!”

“Where are we headed!??”

 “WOOF! We’re going to visit our affiliates starting with Kurgo! Dad buys dog-friendly travel items for us to use when we go out whether it’s a ride around town, a trip going railfanning or a vacation.

BARKS! One of my favorite items is the backseat extender! I love the one installed in Dad’s car because it safely allows me to have more room to stretch out in the back seat.

Barkingly, it includes a barrier to keep me from going into the front seat.”

 “MEOW! Yes, I’ve heard the story about you going into the front seat to sit with our humans during rush hour! Not good. Paws.”
“WOOF! Yeah, not long after that incident, I reviewed a product called, Backseat Barrier in July 2014. This product kept me from wandering to the front seat too! Bark!

With every trip, you have to have treats! Barks, let’s stop at TruDog and get some pawsome treats! One of my favorites treats is the Crunchy Beef Delight Beef Real Meat Super Treat!”

“MEOW! Oh, I heard about those treats! You climbed up a chair to the top of the bar counter, to get those treats, ripped the bag open, and ate everything inside! HAHAHAHAHA! I bet Dad wasn’t too happy! But, what about treats for me? HISS!”

“WOOF, yeah Dad wasn’t pawleased. Barks, yes, though I haven’t tasted them, I’m pawing that the Treat Me Chicken Hearts Freeze Dried Treats for Cats will keep you meowing and purring for a while.”

“Meows, do we need a place to stay along this trip? We can visit BringFido to make reservations in a posh-posh hotel! Purrs! Purr!”

180x150 logo - Sfly“Barks, no my little buddy, on Cyber Monday, we do not leave the comfort of Dad’s Photography Studio- just don’t tell Dad! Paws, BringFido is a pawsome way to find hotels, resorts and the like which permit dogs.”

“Meows, Dad loves to use Shutterfly for his photography right? I think if we visit Shutterfly we can make some cool stuff to give our humans for Christmas. Meowingly, their  What do you think Noah?

“WOOF, a GREAT idea Samson!

I'd Rather Be With My Dog AccessoriesWOOF! Paws, I think am going to make a stop at I’d Rather Be With My Dog and buy our humans some really cool dog stuff! They have cool apparel, mugs, treats, and accessories! BARKS! Sales benefit rescuing dogs!

“Meow! Paws, Dad and Mom love to read, so I’m thinking a stop at Christian Book Distributors or Answers In Genesis would be a great place to find special gifts for them. This way, I can curl up in Mom’s lap all winter while she reads and reads and reads some more!”

“Woof! Do you like to learn stuff, Samson? Our humans love learning! A visit to Craftsy might help you to learn a new hobby or skill! Dad has taken a few photography classes with Craftsy and enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm proud of him! He's gotten past the turning on the camera stage! WOOF! WOOF!!

"WOOF, will our humans ever be surprised on Christmas Samson!"

"Hiss, or when the credit card bill arrives whichever comes first!"

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Paws, we are affiliated with all advertisers mentioned in this post! Meow, we receive a percentage of sales.

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