Monday, November 19, 2018

Prince William Turkey Trot, November 22, 2018

(C) Prince William Turkey Trot

"Hey Noah, you turkey, are you going to go for a trot?

"What Samson? I'm not a turkey! I'm a handsome sweet pawsome Plott Hound/Black Labrador. But, besides that bit of truth, what are you caterwauling about?'

"I saw a sign at the Manassas Freedom Aquatic Center about a Turkey Trot and thought about you. This might be for you."

"Barks! No, the Turkey Trot is an annual 5K and 1 Mile Run/Walk at the Manassas Freedom Aquatic and Aquatic Center celebrating Thanksgiving! Humans are invited to wear their best-themed gear for a costume contest- pilgrim, pie, turkey (See Noah- I thought so!), Native American, whatever! WOOF! When you finish the race, you'll receive an envelope with pawssibly a prize! The first 100 race finishers, can enjoy some delicious donuts from Duck Donuts! There will be prizes for best costumes and winners of the race in various age groups. Paws, sounds like a lot of fun."

"Won't it be awfully cold to be outside running around? Yes, I know humans do some crazy things but when it's that cold?"

"Barks! No worries there either Samson. The humans can warm up in the Manassas Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center before and after the race with listening to music!"

"Meows, this sounds like a lot of fun! How can I get more information?

"By going to their website at Prince William Turkey Trot! No, I'm not going to trot. They don't allow dogs. Maybe you could go Samson and be the turkey. There's nothing about no cats! WOOF!"

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