Saturday, November 3, 2018

Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday November 4!

(C) Allen Pearson

“Barks! Samson don’t forget to prepare for Daylight Saving Time!”

WHAT?! HISS! MEOW! What is a Daylight Saving Time? MEOWS!!?”

"It’s not an ”it” or a “thing!” It’s an event, barks, paw, I guess you’d say. Barkingly, twice a year the humans mess with the clocks, and our bodies too, to save daylight."

"Meows, I kind of like the idea of saving daylight. You mean I can save some daylight to use later by putting it in my little piggy bank? That’s pawsome!"

"No, not quite my little furry meowster!"

"MEOWSTER? WHAT?? Then, what do you mean DAWG!!??"

"Paws, Every Spring and Fall the humans move the clock either an hour forward or an hour backward. Barks, since it’s November, the fall season, they move the clocks back one hour. Paws, you’re supposed to do it at 2 a.m.but our humans aren’t awake at that time!"

"Meow, we could do it for them! Hee hee hee! They would wake up and have no idea where the time went! MEOWS! Purr!" 

"Fun idea Samson but pawssibly, not a good one. Mom and Dad go to church on Sunday and I’d hate for them to miss because we played a joke on them… paws, keep thinking though maybe there is something else we can do.

Barks, Dad likes to set the alarm clock on Saturday night before going to bed. The clocks in rooms they don’t use much during the day, he will start changing them on Saturday. This way, it's mostly done on Sunday morning."

"Purr, drat, I was looking forward to saving some daylight. Sounds like it might get dark early."

"Woofs, yeah, the days will get shorter and it’ll be dark out by 5 p.m. Paws, before long, though, the Christmas lights will light the night sky and it won’t be quite as dark until January. January will seem like all the lights in the world were turned off at the same time!"

"Meow, yeah, that’s weird and not going to be fun." 

"Barks, you want to meow about weird, wait until you see the humans on Sunday! They are half asleep, fall asleep in church, and take naps, more than normal, on Sunday. Dad walks around in a fog and Mom does better but it’s still funny! It’s really noticeable in the Spring."

"Hiss! So why do they do it?" 

"Paws, why do humans do a lot of things! Barkingly, the idea was started to make better use of daylight. Ruff! Dad loves when Day Saving Time starts because it provides more time of daylight outside doing yard work. He could come home from work and mow the yard before going to bed. Barkingly, we had more daylight that I could walk him too."

"Purrs, oh, ok, I get it but I still wonder why. Are you sure I can’t save some daylight for January?" 

"WOOF! Just remember on Saturday to move your clocks back an hour!  Spring forward
Fall back is the easiest way to remember."

"Paws, I’m still going to go out and buy me a few more piggy banks just in case Noah is wrong and I’ll be able to save enough daylight to light up the entire months of January and February! Purr!"

Remember to turn clocks back one hour 
before bed on Saturday, November 3!

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