Monday, December 21, 2020

Happy Winter Solstice!

(C) 2020, from The Dog's Paw!
(C) from The Dog's Paw!

WOOF! My human's leastest favorite day of the year has arrived! The Winter Solstice! Yet, it is a favorite day too! Barks, I KNOW you should try being his bestest friend- it gets confusing!. 

The day is not his favorite because it's the beginning of the winter season! Pawing, this means the pawssibility of snow, ice, and blizzards are pawssible which he doesn't like at all. Unless, he can sit inside and watch the snowfall from his couch! Barks!

WOOF! I, on the other hand, being of great canine mind, enjoy the snow! I love playing in it, rolling around in it, and as my favorite character Linus does, try to eat it. And, I love just watching it fall from the sky. Barks, I'm hoping there will be pawlenty of snow this season! 

(C) 2020, from The Dog's Paw

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