Thursday, December 10, 2020

National Cat Lover's Month!


(C) 2020, from The Dog's Paw!
"Max and Zoey"
 (C) from The Dog's Paw!

Meows! Meows! It wouldn't be National Cat Lover's Month without a visit from my cousins in North Carolina, Max and Zoey! These two pawnderfully pawsome characters have the mostest hugest challenge, huger than any human and pawssibly any cat has to do! What is it? Taking care of my crazy Aunt Connie and Great Uncle Jack in North Carolina. Paws, they are up to it though! The adorable sweet pair have been keeping their household happy for many years. 

My Aunt Connie says, "We love our cats because they make us laugh.  They are loving and entertaining.  Zoey is a sweet, quiet loving little girl.  Max is always talking about something.  Wish we understood cat language.  They are both very affectionate and certainly keep us warm in the winter months."

Happy National Cat Lover's Month! Adopt a cat and know the happiness of loving a cat!

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