Friday, March 2, 2012

Clean it Up!!!!

My writing today is rated PG-14 GTA (Gross Topic Ahead)- so if you aren’t 14 or older or just not sure, please check with your parent, guardian or other responsible adult who will take responsibility for you to read further.

I am writing to humans today who must start taking responsibility for cleaning up after their dogs.  When the dog makes a mess, you’re supposed to have bags- that you can buy a PetSmart or PetCo or get with groceries or wherever and whatever- to clean it all up.   There’s no excuse not to do it.  My human and I were walking the other day and I was so embarrassed to see a rather large mound next to the sidewalk.  Not good. Now, if this is a school bus stop, some pretty little girl will probably step in it, get all grossed out and scream or cry or both, not wanting to touch it about the time her school bus arrives and she’ll get on the school bus and then the bus stinks all the way to school and then she’ll take it into the school with her.  Now, that’s germs everywhere that have no business being anywhere.  The human must pick it up and dispose of it appropriately according to the laws of the community in which he lives.  Now, I say “he lives” because my dad does all this work and doesn’t want mom to do it except in extenuating circumstance.  So, this applies to the ladies too.

And, the excuse I get of not having a bag or I just used the last bag is really lame.  Go home.  Get some. Go back.  I had a few, uh- well uh- moments, and my human did that.  Normally, he carries about 3-4 bags as a just in case measure (I’m a really big dog).

I hope the next time I walk my human down the street, I am not embarrassed by more mounds left by irresponsible humans (we don’t have opposing thumbs so we can’t do it)- just remind them, it could be their child who steps in it.  Not fun. 

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