Thursday, March 1, 2012

Friday's Friend

I've got a couple of cats to introduce today.  These two look like they'd be fun to adopt and just sit and watch them play all day.    Maybe I could join in- naw, last time I did that, I scared the cats and their humans.  But, the look of horror on their faces was priceless!!

"Best Friends!  I always thought that cats were independent animals who didn’t enjoy the fun of being in a pack (while I on the other hand love having my pals over in my yard to play!)  But I’m learning a lot from my friends at PetConnect Rescue. Sometimes you just got to have your best buddy with you, even if you’re a cat! Mahoney & Peanut are brothers and best friends – they do everything together! They sleep together, wrestle, play chase and cuddle with their foster family together. So PetConnect is looking for a human family where Mahoney & Peanut can stay together. These boys are just under one year old, neutered and have had all their shots. To learn more about Peanut and Mahoney please visit PetConnect Rescue. Woof Woof to having a best friend!"

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