Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Walking with My Human

"The Trails"
One of the things I love the most about walking with my human is that he definitely designates the time as "our time."

He doesn't bring a cell phone and chat with someone or surf the internet or check his email.  He doesn't bring along someone to talk to or some other device or item to keep his attention, his attention is towards and on me.

My human is concerned about my safety as we walk.  Not that the neighborhood is bad or has problems, but there are things I could get into or I could go into traffic or a bunch of stuff- so he's constantly alert to what's going on around me.  He doesn't eat, drink ('cept water) or smoke while we're together.  His focus is on me and my well-being.  Also, he trains me how to behave in situations so I can go more places with him and make other people comfortable around me.  After all, I'm no small puppy so I can be intimidating if you don't know me.  And, he usually chats with me about the day ahead or if he's had a bad day, he'll share it with me -I make him feel better.
"Trails Bridge over Creek"

We've created a special bond that's taken time to do.  Mostly because my human and I walk together and our focus is on each other.   A couple times, I kept my human from falling -I saw it coming!   We're a team.  We'll continue to be one-   because we enjoy the time for us to do stuff - together.

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